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Tai didžiausia Lietuvoje nemokamų pratybų atsakymų svetainė. Moksleivis užsukęs čia, negali aklai nusirašyti, atvykęs čia jis turi tiesiog pasitikrinti jau atliktus namų darbus!

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Žanas Polis Krespelis Dega

Žanas Polis Krespelis Dega (1834-1917m.)

Edgaras Dega gimė 1834 metų liepos 19 dieną Paryžiuje, Sen Žoržo gatvėje. Vaikystėjė jis buvo romus, stropus ir užsisvajojęs vaikas. Kai Dega sukako trylika, mirė jo motina, ir tai jį smarkiai sukrėtė, padarė dar melancholiškesnį. Mirus motinai, t

Žymiausios Australijos vietos


Created by Domas Tamulionis

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is situated within the Watarrka National Park, and is a huge canyon 270m high. The walk around the rim of the canyon is definitely worth it as the views are spectacular, although it can take 3-4 hours and should only be attempted early in the morning during the summer months. On your way around the rim of th

„A Report“ about Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, situated in the south-east of the republic. The aim of this report is to show how things have changed in the last few years: roads, number of cars, public transport.

There are several good things about transport system in Vilnius. First, it has got a modernised railway station and airport. Trains are regular and in addition there is a frequent service

„Karaoke kapitalizmas“ analizė

Lets look around. What do we see? Market rules but protestors are ready to fight against global capitalism. Accidents and catastrophes are usual phenomenon. Corporations are in danger every day. Revolutions and wars continue in many spots of the world.

Shortly, the reality is as follows: bullets and tear gas, Bin Laden, ‘big brother’ (cruel almighty authority) and totally rot



City & Town Overview


The capital of the United Kingdom can be divided into three distinct parts. The main commercial area is around The City, where Roman London was founded and where the medieval township grew up, dominated by the massive fortress of the Tower of London. Further west along the Thames lays Westminster, the centre of government and administra

„Shrove Tuesday“, anglų kalba

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is a merry carnival. It is celebrated on Tuesday, the eve of Ash Wednesday, to mark the winter’s end. The traditional figures in the carnival are the lean Kanapinis, the fatty Lašininis, a Jew offering his goods, a Gypsy looking for something to pilfer, and a great number of other funny, caricature masks. The old maid Morė – a female s

„Through the Eyes of Foreigners“

In this article was talking about Lithuanian people, they customs, culture and foreigners impressions. The most interesting subject for me was „What you can expect from the Lithuania people“.

How can Lithuanians be labeled? What features set them apart from other people?

It is true that hospitality is an inborn feature. The guest always sleeps on the most comfortable

„We live in the age of information“

The safe internet

We live in the age of information. The latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. Now we can find a needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. There are no inaccessible places in the world, so the distances now seem not so big as it looked hundred years ago.

The most important way of communicat

„Well done, Secret Seven“

I have read the first part of the book “Well done, Secret Seven”. It was written by Enid Blyton. I don’t know why, but this book admired me for the first look. This book tells an adventure story about Secret Society, where seven young children are involved.

The story was told from the point of an onlooker. He characterized the main characters indirectly. In my oppinion i




1. abhorrent to Slavery is abhorrent to a human man.

2. abounding in / with English is a language abounding with idiomatic expressions.

3. abreast of It is important to keep abreast of the progress of technology.

4. absorbed in She was absorbed in an exciting nov

“Between paradise and hell“ Strategic business plan

XXX – (firmos pav








“Mobile Phones and Health”

“Mobile Phones and Health”

For all people who has ever used the mobile phones, difficult times come. One year ago one English newspaper article shouted: “Mobile phone killed my husband!” Somebody asserted that mobile phone relati to the lose of memory. In March one British man inflicted to the whole first paper a picture which shows how mobile phones “boil&rd

‘‘A Christmas Carol‘‘

‘’A Christmas Carol’’, the best known Charles Dickens’ book, was first published on 19th December 1843, Victorian London. It is a novella about a penny-pinching miser Ebenezer Scrooge and his metamorphose after being visited by four ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a small businessman. He is really mean, arrogant and has a cynical sense of humou

100 day party

Z. Hello Mantas. How are you?

M. Fine, thanks and how are you? When did you come from the 100-day party?

Z. Oh, this party was pretty cool, but I and My friends were only in official part. I come home at 5 o’clock in the morning and what do you think about this party?

M. Oh, this party was not bad but I was only in official part too and after this I with my class-mates w

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