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15 May 1479 b.c.

Forces Engaged

Egyptian: Unknown (probably approximately 10,000 men). Commander: Pharaoh Thutmose III.

Kadesh alliance: Unknown. Commander: King of Kadesh.


By reestablishing Egyptian dominance in Palestine, Thutmose began a reign in which Egypt reached its greatest expanse

101 dalmantins

All of Walt Disney_s animated films have his signature on them, but „101 Dalmatians“ (1961) was one of the last to be made under his personal supervision. Seen 30 years later in a national re-release, it_s an uneven film, with moments of inspiration in a fairly conventional tale of kidnapping and rescue. This is not one of the great Disney classics – it_s not in the same leag

20th Century Not Hottest on Record

20th Century Not Hottest on Record

By Larry O’Hanlon, Discovery News

April 8, 2003 — A study of more than 240 climate studies covering the last thousand years has found that the 20th century may be just another bump in the climate road.

Over the past several years there has been a surge in research trying to tease out climate history using ice cores, tree rings, la

21 anglų topikas


Lithuania is a small plot of land at the Baltic Sea. It is in the

geographical centre of Europe (18 km from Vilnius). Lithuania borders with

Latvia, Byelorussia, Poland and Russia. It’s not a big country. The

territory of Lithuanian Republic is about 65000 square km. The population

is 3,7 millions.

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.


31 anglų tema


1. Geographical position and physical features:

The USA occupy a large territory and are situated in the central and southern part of north America. The USA is washed by the Atlantic ocean in the east and by the Pacific ocean in the west. In the north, the USA is borders on Canada and in the south on Mexico.

2. Climate:

Mountain rangres cros



It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Wilson, an elderly woman, was sitting in her rocking chair, listening to Christmas carols on her radio. This was a family tradition that went on for many, many years. Christmas just wasn’t Christmas in the Wilson household without listening to carols on the radio.

„Oh my!“ she sighed. „I’m so lonely. I wis

A Cold

A Cold

The most typical seasonal disease in Lithuania is a cold. Every winter lots of people get ill with cold. It is a terrible disease, when you are sneezing, having running nose, headache and sore throat, so no one wants to catch it. There is no vaccine for a cold that means we cannot go to a doctor and have a vaccination. So in order to stay healthy we must use a lot of vitamins and m

A CPU History

The history of the processor is an interesting one, full of fierce competition and advanced technology, yet short in the terms of years. At the point where I will begin addressing this history, we are beginning with a 5 MHz 8086 processor, and today we are routinely seeing 1.8 GHz to up over 2 GHz. What a difference 20-some years can make. Let us start.

In the Beginning, there was 8086.

A detective story

It was a cold autumn evening. There were no people and cars in the streets. It was raining and was a wet wind. All people were asleep, only one middle aged man looked from the window to the darkness and was waiting for his son.

The son went to the disco, but it was time to come back. The father was worried, because he was never late. The pain suddenly chained his heart, he understood that

a fir

A fir is a very nice tree. But why this tree has the needles? Why? Why the colour of the fir is green? I think, I can answer to these easy questions. So.

Once upon lived a nice hedgehog. This good animal was a very stupid. Someone, who saw him, said: I have never seen so nice hedgehog, but he is so fool. He liked walking and looking at the sky at night. This animal was a very romantic&#

A fragment in the story of geography,

The mythology of geography tells of a lost book

The mythology of geography tells of a lost book. Recently, I came across a crumbling fragment of an account of its origins and rewriting. Here is all there was. On reading it, it struck me that is was written as if to read aloud to a gathering of geographers. perhaps, annually?

.And it was that there were troubled minds amongst the

A letter fom a holiday.

El Arenal, Mallorca, Spain


July 14th

Dear Mark,

I am writing to you, because I want to tell you about my holiday. My parents, my brother and I are on Mallorca, on a beach holiday. We have been here for two weeks. We have already been here twice.

We are having w wonderful time. The weather is beautiful. The sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky.

A letter to a host family in USA

Dear Father and Mother of a Host Family

The posibility of spending 10 months with You is a true pleasure for me. Let me introduce myself. I come from a medium-size town Zawiercie. For the last year I have been living in a capital city Warsaw but I have been living for some time in Katowice and Kołobrzeg too. Moving from one town to another was always a great adventure but although I

A letter to those who organize actions against narcotics.

People have a lot of problems nowadays. But some of them a person creates by his own. We frequently see smoking teenagers with a can of beer. Most of us saw syringes in the street. And I can hardly imagine what will become those people in 10-15 years. It is awful to see, how girls and boys of my age are slowly dying.

A large majority of narcotic addict people say that they started using

A Lovely Place To Visit

Siauliai is located in Northern Lithuania. Its colorful traditions and modern attractions make it a fascinating place to visit.

The city has plenty to see and do. Jurgaiciai mound, the so called Hill of Crosses is a must. Over 1 million crosses make it a magnificent place. In the city center is St. Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. It is especially beautiful at night when the tow

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