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Tai didžiausia Lietuvoje nemokamų pratybų atsakymų svetainė. Moksleivis užsukęs čia, negali aklai nusirašyti, atvykęs čia jis turi tiesiog pasitikrinti jau atliktus namų darbus!

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There are 4 seasons in a year:spring, summer, autumn and winter

And one of them is my favourite season-winter.In Lithuania winter is usually a cold season. It often snows.The air is frosty and all the lakes, rivers are frozen over.

The days are short and the nights are long.There is is a little sun in winter as the sun rises late and sets early.

Very often the sky is grey. The

Winter olympic games

Olympic games are considered to be the competition of national peace and propagate non-war politic among all countries. Now we have winter and summer games, but The Winter Olympic Games were first held as a separate competition in 1924. From that time until 1992, they took place the same year as the Summer Games. However, beginning with the 1994 the Winter Games were rescheduled to occur in the

wolfgan amadeaus mozart

(Born Salzburg, 27 January 1756; died Vienna, 5 December 1791). Son of Leopold


He showed musical gifts at a very early age, composing when he was five and when he was six playing before the Bavarian elector and the Austrian empress. Leopold felt that it was proper, and might also be profitable, to exhibit his children’s God-given genius (Maria Anna, ‘Nannerl&rs

Women’s Rights


Some people say that feminism (or the fight for women’s rights) ended in the nineties. They say that it has already done its work. However, according to the Lithuanian Equal Rights Centre, there are still cases of women being mistreated in the spheres of economic and social life. These cases suggest that people in Lithuania need to recon

Work and money

Work and money

There arelenty of areas,which need different kind of workers.If everybody worked only in perstige jobs,there would be a hugedisorder in the world.For this reason peaple all over the world can stribe for knowledge and of coursemake a caree in cauntless professions such as lowers,journalists,carpenters,book-keeper,plumbers and others.

Speaking generaly the profession

world around me

We always speak about other people, but never look at our selves. I don’t know why, but I must say that many of us just don’t want to see their own bad habits. I decided to write about myself, because if you want to criticize somebody, first look into the mirror and think about what you do badly and what do you do to change something in your life in better way.

For starters,

world war 2

Causes of World War II

When World War I came to a close and the Versailles Peace Treaty was signed, a spirit of hope and opportunity settled over the European continent. Peace was at hand and the nations of Europe could turn to the tasks of economic and political recovery. Germany elected a liberal democracy a whole slew of democracies developed in Eastern Europe. Liberalism seemed to

writing a complain

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to complain about my lurid and appalling travelling on the Eagle Airlines Flight 7789 from Vilnius to London on the 13th June at 4.00 Am.

Early Friday morning (13th June) at 3.00 Am I was waiting for a flight to London at departure lounge. But I was told that Flight 7789 is deferred for 5 hours. Then I heard this I was shocked, because at 9.00 AM is Ban

Writing an argument for and against

– Writing an argument for and against –

The rich should share all their wealth with the poor

Today’s world is not very easy. Many people are living poorly these days, some of them are even starving. Those people, who couldn’t have got the background because of particular reasons, now are saying, how they are unlucky and miserable persons. And those who earn a

York UK


York is often referred to as the capital City of the north of England. Until the industrial revolution York was second in size of population and importance to London. Largely bypassed by the industrial revolution York has retained the links with its medieval past more than most places in England. You will find yourself captivated by the magical city of York, with its unique atmospher

You’ve got the mail

Nora Ephron directed ‘You’ve Got Mail’. It is based on the fairly tale about two peoples love. Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly and Tom Hanks as Joe Fox. Also in this film play others actor like Greg Kenner, Parker Posey, Jean Stapleton, Danny Coleman and so.

Kathleen Kelly is mistress of bookstore „The Shop Around the Corner“. She has a writer boyfriend (Greg Ke


Anglų Kalba , Students JOB


Due to the changing economic and social environment, the prestige of educated people has been increasing, thus, more and more young people seek better education. Out of the total number of schoolchildren who finished lower secondary school, almost all of them continued further studies (in 1992 – 94%). A

Youth Problems

Every pupil dreams of graduating secondary school with good marks, passing his exams and entering university. Trying to reach this purpose we come across with lots of problems, which make our life much more difficult. Unfortunately, adults pay no attention to these problems and the only people who are trying to solve them are teenagers themselves.

To start with, lots of teenagers who are

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Dec 22nd – Jan 20th

Capricorn is a wee bit confusing. Capricorn – Capricornus is a Latin compound of „she-goat“ (capra) and „horn“ (cornus), which translates the original Greek Aegocerus, „goat-horned.“ It is associated with being a Goat Horn, however it is also traditionally depicted as being a „sea goat“ (a go

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